Senior SAP PO / CPI / API / Integration Engineer

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We are Progreva. We are on a mission to be a progressive values-driven organization. We want to revolutionize the employee experience at the workplace, at home, or basically, anywhere the employee prefers to work. For us, our employee-centric values and our employees & consultants come first. We believe in creating a progressive work culture that values camaraderie, work-life balance, empathy, togetherness, and employees’ physical and mental well-being. We aim to create a work environment where our employees feel comfortable and confident. We ensure this by empowering our people and providing them with ownership, space and autonomy regarding the work they are involved in. We work only with clients who resonate with these employee-centric values of ours.

You might want to know more about us. The best way to do that is by applying for a job at Progreva so that we can talk more. Our website is currently being built. Like all other things at Progreva, it’s not perfect yet and is undergoing continuous improvement. However, we need you to make things perfect for us, as we can’t do everything on our own.

We are currently looking to hire a Senior SAP PO / CPI / API / Integration Engineer for one of our European clients.


  • Proven experience with SAP Middleware Platforms such as SAP Business Technology Platform/CPI/SAP Process Orchestration/Integration Suite, SAP Data Intelligence, SAP Data Services etc….
  • Strong experience in Strategic thinking for SAP Integration solutions and extending/establishing key principles, policies, and best practices in line with client's Enterprise guidelines to ensure the integrity and continued security of the SAP Integration landscapes
  • Experience in Architectural frameworks, tools and patterns, standards, security compliance assessments, and Error handling/security frameworks for interfaces related to SAP Integration solutions.
  • Experience in enabling API Gateway to build a strong first line of defence and security compliance for SAP Integration solutions exposing within the enterprise or outside of the enterprise
  • Extensive hands-on experience in designing and building complex, scalable, and resilient SAP Integration solutions with S4HANA and SAP Ariba
  • Experience in capacity planning and should have a fair idea of Service Mesh, Event Mesh, and Data Mesh concepts
  • Experience in managing the capture and mitigation of risks and issues associated with integration solutions
  • Having a fair idea and thought process aligning with DevOps Processes and future vision for SAP Integration solutions in DevOps Model
  • Experience in working with Collaboration tools like Jira, Confluence, Sharepoint etc…
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Strong experience in Strategic thinking for SAP Data Integrations and extending/establishing key principles, policies, and best practices in line with client's Enterprise guidelines.
  • Having hands-on experience in preparing High-level Design documents with Integration Architecture Blueprints and architecture Views and guiding the team for the design.
  • Having depth knowledge of Non-Functional Requirements, Addressing Error Handling or Exceptional Paths.
  • Having depth knowledge of Integration Patterns and Scenarios. Having command of industry best practices and the ability to bring design alternatives when Technical debt arises.
  • In spare time, work on internal projects at Progreva (if time permits), and help us ideate and build cool digital products that make an impact in our users’ lives

An Ideal Candidate

  • If you feel you can fulfill the above responsibilities, and that you also align with our shared vision and values, then you are an ideal candidate for this role

Whats in it for you

  • Joining us in building an employee-centric and values-driven organization
  • Being part of a growing start-up, which is on a mission to set new standards of employee well-being through its values-driven culture, while also delivering breakthrough digital products
  • Getting to work in an internationally distributed work environment for industry-leading clients
  • Ability to work from anywhere, i.e. fully remote (home, beach, holiday home in the Himalayas). If you are feeling very alone working remotely, we can always catch up in Baner, Pune
  • Experiencing what it means to work directly as part of a large client organization and having interesting challenges to solve every day, rather than working in an “outsourced model”
  • Competitive salary package along with a healthy work-life balance

How to apply

If you have managed to reach so far, then you seem to be interested in joining us. Please write to us at and we will get back to you soon! We will be interviewing candidates continuously till we find the progressive star that we are looking for!

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